Bank of America

Bank of America came into existence in 1998. Before that, the bank was known as NationsBank. After Bank of America was acquired by NationsBank, the present name of the organization was found. The bank is one of the largest banking institutions of the United States of America. Bank of America provides a number of services to the clients. These services are divided into several types like personal banking, small business banking, corporate and institutional banking services and many more.

The prime brokerage facilities provided by Bank of America includes a lot of services. Some of these services are as follows:


Risk based margin services
Securities lending
Financing and synthetic prime brokerage
Clearance, settlement, and custody
Capital introduction
Technology and custom IT solutions
Capital accounting

Some of the services offered by Bank of America to the hedge funds are as follows: Capital Introduction The Bank of America helps the hedge funds to get the interested investors for their fund. The bank organizes several conferences and meetings to bring forward the interested investors and fund managers who can invest in the client hedge funds of Bank of America. At the same time, the Bank of America also arranges face to face meetings with several managers to ensure the investment in the hedge funds. Technological solutions The Bank of America prime brokerage services also offers several advanced and customized technologies to the clients to help their business grow rapidly. Some of these fully integrated systems are provided free of cost to the clients. At the same time, the Bank of America also provides structured reports to the clients regarding the cash and several other products. These services also offer single source settlement to the hedge funds.

Apart from these services, Bank of America also provides several other services to the clients. These services include the supplemented economic exposure to a wide range of stocks and bonds. These products include the corporate bonds, transformable bonds, equities, bank debts and many more. At the same time, unparalleled documentation of the Bank of America and the operation and reporting procedures of the bank are also very effective and helpful for the hedge funds. The programs like yield enhancement, tax efficiency and many more are also provided through the Bank of America prime brokerage services.

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