Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital has been planned to provide investment banking facilities on behalf of Barclays Bank PLC. Barclays Capital provides investment banking services to a number of organizations. These services include risk management services and several solutions related to the financial requirements of the client. Barclays Capital maintains a balance sheet value of more than 996 billion pounds (�). The institution is operating in 26 countries through 13,200 employees. The network of Barclays Capital is very strong and because of this, the institution is successfully handling the needs of both the investors and the issuers all over the world.

Barclays Capital prime brokerage services offer professional support for multiple asset categories. The transparent pricing of the institution and more than that, the AA rating of Barclays contributes to a substantial extent in offering the financial, as well as clearing products to the clients throughout the world. The teams of Barclays Capital provide all the necessary operational services and reporting services to the hedge fund managers and the institutional fund managers in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Asia. On the other hand, the Global Netting services of Barclays Capital are among the best cross-margining services provided by the prime brokerage firms.
Prime Brokerage products of Barclays Capital: The institution offers both traditional and non-traditional prime brokerage services to the clients (mainly the hedge funds). These services are offered by Barclays Capital to provide the clients with the professional support to meet all their needs related to the trading process of the equities. Barclays Capital has designed a number of products for this particular purpose. Some of these products are as follows:

  • Financing of equity
  • Consolidated position reporting
  • Financing of equity linked positions
  • Equity securities loaning to provide coverage for the short selling activities
  • Custody of assets

The security loaning program of Barclays Capital is designed for the purpose of supporting the financial needs of the clients and the parties related to these activities known as the counter-parties. Apart from the prime brokerage clients, the services are also offered to several other institutions dealing in securities. On the other hand, the non-traditional prime brokerage services of Barclays Capital are equity swaps, repurchase agreement of equity and several other solutions.

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