Calyon Financial

Calyon Financial Overview Calyon Financial is regarded as one of the top brokers, around the world. The Calyon Financial is recognized all over the world for the standard of services provided by them. The Calyon Financial enables its clients to gain access to over 60 commodity and financial markets.Calyon Financial Products The Calyon Financial offers a wide range of products to its clients. These products are customized products and cater to the unique investment requirements of different investors.

Following are the various products offered by the Calyon Financial:
Fixed Income
Agriculturals & Softs
Securities Futures Products

Calyon Financial Futures The Calyon Financial provides an excellent standard of services in the domain of futures. Incidentally, the Calyon Financial was initially started with the aim of providing top class services in futures trading.Calyon Financial Forex The principal features of the Forex services of Calyon Financial are as follows:

Specialization in the Mexican Peso, Eurocurrency, Japanese Yen, and Canadian Dollar markets
Market making on Exchange-for-Physicals (EFP)
Centralized 24-hour trading facilities in the interbank foreign-exchange markets throughout North America, Europe and Asia

A Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) trading floor team with over 50 years of collective experience having access to CME open outcry futures/GLOBEX futures and options on both platforms
Execution services on the over-the-counter spot, forward and options markets in all major and most minor currencies, as well as emerging-market currencies
Calyon Financial Clearing Services The Calyon Financial provides clearing services. The clearing services of Calyon Financial are provided on a global scale. The following clearing services are offered by the Calyon Financial:

Client Services
Straight Through Processing
Real Time Access
Auto Allocations
Multicurrency Statement
Fills Wizard
Give-in / Give-up
Delivery Assistance

Calyon Financial Execution Services The Calyon Financial provides its clients with quick, safe and precise trades. The Calyon Financial also gives all its assignments an equal amount of importance and tries to close these deals in the best possible way. Following are the various execution services of the Calyon Financial:

Market Coverage
Advisory Desk

Calyon Financial Additional Services The Calyon Financial also offers some additional services to the clients. These services are supposed to help the Calyon Financial perform its main functions in a better way. Following are the additional services, provided by the Calyon Financial:

Alternative Investments
Electronic Trading
Advisory Services

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