Citigroup Overview Citigroup is one of the most famous companies, dealing in financial services. The Citigroup serves a huge number of people throughout the world it has almost 200 million customer accounts in about a hundred nations, across the world. Citigroup Products and Services The Citigroup offers a wide range of affordable services and financially rewarding products for its clients.

The clients of Citigroup can choose from the following services:
Small and Medium-Sized Business
Credit Cards
Corporate & Investment Banking Services
Loans and Mortgages
Fund and Securities Services
Investment and Asset Management
Government Services
Bill Payment Services
Benefit Services & Asset Management
International Banking and Investment
Citigroup Banking The Citigroup offers a wide variety of banking services. They may be mentioned as below:

Financial Needs Analysis
College Savings [529 Plans]
Combined Banking & Investment Services
Online Banking
Private Banking
Online Account Aggregation
Citigroup Credit Cards The Citigroup provides a number of credit card services. The credit cards of the Citigroup are as follows:

Citi Credit Cards
Small Business Credit Cards
Diners Club
Citigroup Loans and Mortgages The loans and mortgages of the Citigroup are designed to look after the unique financial needs of individual clients. The various loans and mortgages, offered by the Citigroup are as follows:

Personal Loans
Home Equity
Student Loans
Commercial Real Estate Loans
Auto Loans
Bill Consolidation
Citigroup Investment and Asset Management Citigroup offers customized investment and asset management programs. Citigroup provides the following investment and asset management programs:

Private Client Investment Services
Private Banking
Professionally Managed Investments
Financial Consultant Locator
Mutual Funds
Alternative Investments
Retirement Planning
Investing for Women
College Savings [529 Plans]
Citigroup International Banking and Investment The Citigroup offers a number of international banking and investment services for their clients. Those services may be enumerated as below:

Expatriate Banking
Off-Shore Wealth Management
Off-Shore Banking
Alternative Investments
Off-Shore Investments


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