Dexia Asset Management

The Dexia Group was founded in 1996 as a result of a merger between two major European public sector financing institutions, Credit Communal de Belgique and Credit Local de France. The bank is involved in retail banking and financial services all over the world.
Dexia Asset Management is a part of the Dexia Group and it operates only in the asset management sector. The Dexia Group is also involved in several other services like insurance, capital market services and investor services. The success of the bank is totally dependent on its innovative nature and the customized products of the institution.

Dexia Asset Management handles a number of investment products like diversified funds and money market instruments. At the same time, it is also involved in maintaining the equities and fixed income products.

The company has a lot of exposure in the field of alternative investments. Socially responsible investment funds are also provided by the company. The product centers of Dexia Asset Management are located in Austria, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.
The company provides client services in all these four countries and some others like the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and many more.

The major part of the activities of Dexia Asset Management is provided by the institutional mandates. The asset management products of the company are circulated by various third party networks, pan-European sales representatives of the company or the network of the Dexia Group. The Dexia Group network includes retail banking chain and the clients related to public finance.

The following table provides an idea about the financial performance of Dexia Asset Management:

Assets under management in billions of EUR 31 December 2005 31 December 2006 Variation
Equity fund 11,2 13,5 +20.8 %
Monetary fund 10,2 11,5 +13.2%
Bond fund 18,8 19,2 +2.1%
Diversified management fund 9,7 10,8 +11.1%
Alternative fund 5,8 8,0 +37.5%
Structured products 3,2 3,4 +5.7%
Other 5,3 4,8 -8.7%
Total 90,6 105,2 +16.1 %

Dexia Asset Management is also involved in socially responsible investments (SRI) in Europe. The company is one of the major financial institutions that offer and manage socially responsible investment assets. The company offers several types of SRI management like conventional, dedicated and specialized sustainable management.

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