Goelzer Investment Management

Goelzer Investment Management was established in 1969 by Don W. Goelzer. The Indiana based financial firm provides investment advices and management services to its clients.

It is one of the premier financial institutions of Indiana and at present, it is managing assets worth $1 billion on behalf of the clients. In the beginning, the firm was involved in the business of providing traditional brokerage and related services to the clients. Nevertheless, the client demands changed gradually and the firm responded to the changed situations very positively and from 1981, Goelzer Investment Management started providing investment advisory services to the clients.

At present, Goelzer Investment Management provides portfolio management services to the client. The financial activities of the clients are backed by a strong corporate structure of the company. Because of this financially sound corporate structure, the firm is able to provide the best investment services in Indiana and can exist in any kind of market situations. At the same time, the company follows a disciplined process regarding the investment activities and because of that, the investors can also remain safe from the risk factors related to the investment procedures.

Goelzer Investment Management provides different types of services to the clients. Some of these services are as follows:

Investment Banking Services of Goelzer Investment Management (Goelzer Investment Banking)
Goelzer Investment Management is providing investment banking services to the clients for more than 35 years. The institution provides business valuation services to the clients. The firm is also an expert in corporate financial advisory services. The company provides specialized services in the following areas also:
Litigation Support
Employee Stock Ownership Plans
Qualified Plan Advisory Services

The investment management services of the firm are provided by Goelzer Investment Banking, a division of Goelzer Investment Management. The company is also involved in providing services like buy-sell agreements, synthetic equity plans, estate tax returns, and many more. At the same time, the company is actively involved in the merger and acquisition deals.

Qualified Plan Advisory Services
Goelzer Investment Banking provides several retirement plan solutions for the clients. The primary aim of these services is to provide a cost effective retirement program. Some of these programs are as follows:
Daily Valuation
Cross Testing
Profit Sharing Plans
Employer Matches
Safe Harbor Plans
Non-elective Contributions
Simplified Employee Pensions
Strategies for the Highly Compensated

Contact Details
Goelzer Investment Management
Chase Tower – Circle
111 Monument Circle – Suite 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2990
Toll Free: (800) 428-1618



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