ING Investment Management

ING Investment Management takes care of the investment and asset management services of the ING Group. These global services are managed by almost 800 investment professionals working with the company.

ING Investment Management is involved in managing assets of nearly $500 billion. The company is always trying to provide customized services to the clients. To offer successful investment activities for a long term, the company depends on the overall analysis of the fundamentals of business. On the other hand, ING Investment Management believes in first-hand research activities for the investors to take full advantage of the favorable market conditions. At the same time, all these efforts of the company are quite helpful to exclude the risk factors from the investment process. Products and Services of ING Investment Management The company has designed several products for the clients. These products are divided in four different types. Institutional products are the first one. ING Investment Management has a large number of institutional clients and these clients are from different fields. ING Investment Management offers a wide range of investment products consisting of fixed income, equities, several alternative investment solutions and many more. The company manages assets of nearly $27 billion on behalf of the corporate clients, Taft-Hartley pension funds, public clients, mutual funds, health care organizations and many more. Some of the products are as follows:

Core Equity
Small-Cap Equity
Growth Equity
Fixed Income Products
Money Market Products

The mutual funds of ING Investment Management provides the client with the option to invest in these funds and to get steady growth rate of capital. The risk factors involved in these funds are also very low. There are a large number of mutual funds that are provided for the purpose. Some of the funds are as follows:
Asset Allocation Funds
Domestic Equity Funds
Closed End Funds
Fixed Income Funds
Enhanced index Funds
Real Estate Funds
Global Funds

International FundsApart from these products, ING Investment Management also provides several managed accounts to both the institutional and individual clients of the company. As there are enough complexities in the investment sector, it is better to leave the management of investment on the professionals. Because of this, the managed accounts service of the company is becoming very popular. ING Investment Management is also involved in real estate finance and provides financial assistances for those products that are meant to provide income to the owners of hotels, retail, apartments and many more. Several types of loans have been designed for the purpose. Contact Details: ING Investment Management
New York
230 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10169
Tel: 212-309-8200


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