Insight Investment Management

Insight Investment Management Overview
Insight Investment Management was incorporated in the year 2002. Insight Investment Management is rated as one of the best asset management firms in the United Kingdom. The total worth of the assets managed by Insight Investment Management is 96 billion. Insight Investment is owned by the HBOS Group.

Insight Investment Services Insight Investment deals primarily in investment management apart from providing investment services for clients like Halifax. The following forms the client base of Insight Investment:

  • Private Investors
  • Insurance Groups
  • Pension Funds

Insight Investment OEICs, ISAs and PEP transfers
Insight Investment provides three separate types of funds through the OEICs, ISAs and PEP transfers  the Foundation Funds, the Professional Funds, and the Classic Funds. These funds address the various financial situations of their clients. The details of these funds can be provided as below:
Foundation Funds
Foundation Income
Foundation Growth

Classic Funds
UK Equity
Equity High Income
Monthly Income
European Bond
Monthly Income Bond
European Equity
UK Corporate Bond
European Ethical
UK Discretionary
Global Equity

Professional Funds
US Equity
Asia Pacific Equity
Japan Equity
European Small Cap
Pan European Select Opportunities
UK Small Cap
Global Bond

Insight Investment Multi-Asset Funds
The multi-asset funds provided by Insight Investment have numerous positive features. The principal advantages of these multi-asset funds of Insight Investment are the following:
Ready-made portfolio
Total freedom
No legwork
Less paperwork
Cost effective

Following are the various multi-asset funds provided by Insight Investment:
UK Dynamic Managed Fund
Diversified Target Return Fund (DTR)
Wealth Builder Balanced Fund (WBB)
Diversified High Income Fund (DHI)
Global Diversified Return Fund (GDR)
Diversified Dynamic Return Fund (DDR)

Insight Investment Investment Options
Insight Investment provides its clients with two excellent investment options. The investment options and their rates may be mentioned as below:

Fund name Least amount of initial sum
Dynamic Managed Funds � 2,000 for every fund
Diversified Range Funds � 500 for every fund

Following are some salient features of the investment options provided by Insight Investment:

  • Minimum initial investment sum
  • Minimum investment terms


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