Legg Mason

Legg Mason Overview

Legg Mason ranks among very few wealth management companies with a considerable amount of repute for the standard of services provided by them. Legg Mason is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Legg Mason offers a variety of wealth management services to a wide range of clients.
Legg Mason Clients
Legg Mason has a wide client base comprising of both the individual, as well as, the institutional investors. Legg Mason offers separate services for both their client groups.

Legg Mason Individual Investors Services
Legg Mason offers the following services for its individual investors:
Mutual Funds
529 Plans
Separately Managed Accounts
Variable Annuities
Closed-End Funds

Legg Mason Mutual Funds
Legg Mason offers its individual investors a diverse range of mutual funds. These mutual funds offer the following benefits to the investors:
Professional Management Services

Legg Mason Separately Managed Accounts
The separately managed accounts offered by Legg Mason primarily cater to the clients who have a high net worth. The portfolios provided in this section can be adjusted to meet the various requirements of the clients.

Legg Mason Closed-End Funds
As far as closed-end funds are concerned, Legg Mason is among the biggest managers. In the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), 24 closed-end funds of Legg Mason are traded.

Legg Mason Institutional Investors Services
Legg Mason provides its institutional investors with the following products:
US Small Cap Value
All Cap Value
Emerging ,Markets Debt Portfolio
Citi Inst. Liquid Reserves
Enhanced Liquidity
Citi Inst. Tax Free Reserves
Global High Yield Bond Portfolio
Citi Inst. U.S. Treasury Reserves
Strategic Large Cap Value
Citi Institutional Cash Reserves
US All Cap Equity
Citi Premium Liquid Reserves
US Institutional Appreciation
Citi Premium U.S. Treasury Reserves
US Large Cap Core Equity
Convertible Securities
US Small Cap Growth Equity
Diversified Large Capitalization Growth Equity

Legg Mason Funds
Legg Mason also offers a variety of other funds that are provided to investors across Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, Ireland, Canada and the United Kingdom. Those funds can be enumerated as below:
Legg Mason Canada
Legg Mason Global Funds plc
Legg Mason Funds ICVC
Legg Mason Select Funds plc

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