Major Stock Brokerage Firms

Major Stock Brokerage Firms Overview

The major stock brokerage firms are the most prominent stock brokerages that are in operation at present. The major stock brokerage firms are the ones that are most sought after by the investors and are highly regarded by the investors all around the world.

Major Stock Brokerage Firms Services

The major stock brokerage firms are adept at properly executing the orders of their clients. They can close the best deals for the investors whom they are representing in the stock markets. The services of the major stock brokerage firms can be availed at convenient rates.

Major Stock Brokerage Firms Functions

The major stock brokerage firms basically carry out transactions in the stock markets for their clients. The major stock brokerage firms always try to satisfy their customers to the best of their abilities.

Major Stock Brokerage Firm Types

There are two basic versions of stock brokerages – the online stock brokerage firms and the offline stock brokerage firms. However, there are brokerage firms that could be categorized according to the types of services provided by them.

Nowadays, there are different types of investors, who have their unique needs. Accordingly, there are stock brokers, who provide exactly the services that might suit the specific needs of the clients.

Major Full Service Stock Brokerage Firms
The major stock brokerage firms who operate as full service providers offer the following services to their clients:
Investment Research Advices
Tax Plans
Retirement Plans

Major Discount Stock Brokerage Firms
The major stock brokerage firms who deal in providing discount brokerage services to their clients offer their services at less than conventional rates. The major discount stock brokerage firms are a cost effective way of investing in the stock market.

Major Direct Access Brokerage Firms
The major direct access brokerage firms help the clients to transact their stocks on their own. These brokerages enable their clients to get access to certain electronic communication networks. These networks help the investors to execute their stock market transactions in pretty quick time.


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