M& G

M& G Overview

M& G is one of the most renowned asset management companies and it is located in the United Kingdom. M& G has been providing excellent services over a considerable period of time. It has achieved a significant extent of international repute, as well.

M&G Services
M&G acts in a variety of roles, which may be depicted as below:
Equity Manager
Property Investors
Fixed Income Investor

M&G Funds
M&G offers a number of funds that cater to the different needs of individual customers. Following are the main funds offered by M&G:
Bond Funds
Funds to Diversify
Equity Funds
Specialist Funds
Property Funds

M&G Bond Funds
M&G offers a variety of bond funds for their customers. Following are the bond funds of M&G:
Corporate Bond Fund
High Interest Fund
Emerging Markets Bond Fund
High Yield Corporate Bond Fund
European Corporate Bond Fund
International Sovereign Bond Fund
European High Yield Bond Fund
Real Yield Fund
Gilt & Fixed Interest Income Fund
Strategic Corporate Bond Fund
Global Macro Bond Fund

M&G Equity Funds
The customers of M&G can choose from the following equity funds provided by M&G:
American Fund
Income Fund
Asian Fund
Index Tracker Fund
Balanced Portfolio
International Growth Fund
Cautious Managed Portfolio
Japan Fund
Cautious Multi Asset Fund
Japan Smaller Companies Fund
Dividend Fund
Managed Fund
European Fund
Managed Growth Fund
European Index Tracker Fund
North American Value Fund
European Smaller Companies Fund
Pan European Fund
Extra Income Fund
Recovery Fund
Fund of Investment Trust Shares
Smaller Companies Fund
Global Basics Fund
UK Growth Fund
Global Leaders Fund
UK Growth Portfolio
Global Technology Fund
UK Select Fund
Growth Portfolio

M&G Property Funds
M&G offers its customers the Property Portfolio, which is one of the best property funds available nowadays. M&G Funds to Diversify
The customers of M&G can avail the Cautious Multi Asset Fund that helps them to diversify their respective investment portfolios. M&G Specialist Funds
M&G furnishes its customers with the following specialist funds:
Optical Income Fund
Global Convertibles Fund.


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