Morgan Keegan & Company

Morgan Keegan & Company Overview

Morgan Keegan & Company was established in the year 1969. Morgan Keegan & Company is one of the leading asset management companies in the United States of America. Morgan Keegan & Company possesses equity capital worth $650 million.

Morgan Keegan & Company Wealth Management
Morgan Keegan & Company addresses the following areas in its wealth management programs:
Planning for the distribution of wealth at death in the most tax advantaged way
Creating and Growing Wealth
Planning for the distribution of wealth during life in the most tax advantaged way
Protecting and Preserving Wealth

Morgan Keegan & Company Wealth Management Investment Solutions
Morgan Keegan & Company offers a vast and comprehensive group of wealth management investment solutions like the following:

Alternative Investments
Hedge Funds
Exchange Funds
Private Equity Funds
Real Estate
Managed Futures Funds

Immediate Income
Life Insurance
Disability Income Insurance
Level Term
Whole Life
Universal Life
Long Term Care Insurance
Variable Universal Life

Third Party Managers
No-load mutual funds
Load mutual funds
Individually managed accounts
No-load mutual funds
Individual securities

Retirement Solutions
Money Purchase Pension
457 Deferred Compensation
403(b)(7) Deferred Compensation
Traditional 401(k)/Safe Harbor 401(k)/Simple 401(k)

Morgan Keegan & Company Investment Planning
The investment planning services provided by Morgan Keegan & Company are among the best in the business. Morgan Keegan & Company provides investment plans to investors by adhering to the following steps:
Asset Allocation Studies
Due Diligence
Evaluation of Existing Assets
Investment Proposals
Investment Recommendations
Morgan Keegan & Company Financial Planning
Morgan Keegan & Company offers remarkable financial planning services. The financial planning services of the Morgan Keegan & Company cover a diverse range of financial conditions and some of them can be enumerated as below:
College Funding
Wealth Protection
Business Needs
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Stock Option Issues

Morgan Keegan & Company Retirement Plans
The customers of Morgan Keegan & Company can choose from a vast array of retirement plans provided by Morgan Keegan & Company. The retirement plans of the Morgan Keegan & Company can be enumerated as below:
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
Profit Sharing
Savings Incentive Match (SIMPLE)
Defined Benefit
Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP)
Money Purchase


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