Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley was established in 1935 and is headquartered at New York City. It is one of the most reputed investment banks in the world. There are three business segments of the firm, which are – Institutional Securities, Global Wealth Management Group and Asset Management. Through the subsidiaries and affiliates, Morgan Stanley is committed to offer financial services and products to its clients that are governments, corporations, financial institutions and individuals.

The institutional securities of Morgan Stanley includes corporate lending, capital raising, sales, financing, trading and market-making activities in equity securities, investment activities, research and risk management analytics. The firm also offers financial advisory services such as advice on real estate and project finance, restructurings and on mergers and acquisitions. The Global Wealth Management Group of Morgan Stanley offers investment and brokerage advisory services, annuity and insurance products, banking and cash management services and financial and wealth planning services. The Asset Management segment of Morgan Stanley offers global asset management products in equity.

Morgan Stanley offers a range of investment-related products. The clients can pick the right product for them depending on the needs and requirements. Some of the investment products by Morgan Stanley are:

Closed-End Funds
Mutual Funds
Managed Futures
Credit and Lending Services
Structured Investments
Alternative Investments
Morgan Stanley offers variety of accounts to help the investors both with their long-term objectives and immediate priorities. A Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor helps people to choose the right account depending on their needs and requirements. Various accounts offered by Morgan Stanley are:

Investment Accounts
Education Funding Accounts
Retirement Accounts Business Accounts
Platinum and Gold Benefits
Private Wealth Management

The research center of Morgan Stanley provides access to research for helping the individuals to shape their investment strategy. A wealth of news, research and market information can be available from here. The bond center gives the investors a chance to have a study on the bond market. The IPO center of Morgan Stanley offers latest information on initial public offerings (IPOs).

Contact Details of Morgan Stanley:

Morgan Stanley
1585 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Telephone: (212) 761-4000

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