UBS was established in 1998 as a result of the merger of Swiss Bank Corporation and Union Bank of Switzerland. The firm is headquartered at Basel & Zurich in Switzerland. UBS is one of the largest asset managers in the world. UBS offers pioneering services in the field of wealth management, investment banking and security investment. UBS is also a market leader in retail and commercial banking in Switzerland. The unmatched financial service of the UBS is backed by 80,000 employees working from more than 50 countries.

As a wealth manager, the UBS offers services that are designed for the affluent individuals in the world. The service includes advices on the investment to be done in international level or in the client�s home country. UBS also provides tailored and unbiased investment services to the clients. The investment services by UBS range from estate planning to asset management and from art banking to corporate finance.

The asset management services by UBS are innovative investment management solutions that are designed for almost every asset. UBS offers the asset management service to institutional clients, corporate clients and private clients. The investment capabilities of UBS comprise of traditional assets, real estate and alternative and quantitative investments.

The investment banking by UBS includes securities products, research and advice on the capital markets of the world. UBS offers the investment banking services to institutional, corporate, intermediary and alternative asset management clients.

UBS provides numerous researches on the financial markets. Some of the researches by UBS are:

Wealth Management Research
UBS Investment Research
Index of Investor Optimism
Organization/Independent Research

The wealth management research by UBS gives investment strategy, economic forecasts and recommendations. Information on Swiss economic forecasts, global economic forecasts, equilibrium interest rates, etc are also available from wealth management research. It also works as an investor’s guide. The UBS Investment research provides daily Audio-briefing, economic calendar and Webcasts / Podcasts. The UBS Index of Investor Optimism gives a clear picture of the U.S. investors perceiving the investment environment.

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