Financial Market Growth

Investments in Financial markets can be highly beneficial when an investor invests with solid experience of stock market analysis. This has been a major reason behind financial market’s growth. With the growth of financial markets across the globe,different financial advisory service providers are offering assistance to the potential investors.
Growth rate of financial market is uphill and plenty of investors are pouring in to the stock markets to reap rich dividends by initiating proper investments. The scores of the stock market indexes are rising and the corporate profits are also largely increasing. The investors are hardly interested about the intrinsics of the wide range of stocks offered,profitable returns attract more and more investors.

Financial service providers are assisting the potential investors to initiate the investments in an effective way. Financial market’s growth promises high returns to the investors. The stock analysts also provide guidelines for positive stock trading.

According to, growth may be defined as �An investment style that looks for stocks with strong earnings and/or revenue growth or growth potential.”
( Financial market growth has considerable impact on economies. Financial market growth influence economic activities by the creation of liquidity. As a result,Gross Domestic Products significantly increase. Stock market investment involve high risk but the overall financial market’s growth has bolstered the positive psyche of the investors. High returns from stock market investments have also created a positive impulse among the investors. Due to high foreign investments,index of many emerging financial markets are rising high. With the boom in financial markets,many of the stocks have become overvalued.

Market analysts are constantly monitoring the momentum of different stocks traded across various stock exchanges for maintaining accuracy in forecasting market trends.

Financial market growth is influenced by the following factors:

Liquidity of the financial market

Size of the financial/stock market

The regulatory development associated to the market

A comparative revenue figures of three quarters of the leading stock exchange of the globe (NASDAQ) provides a clear idea about financial market’s growth :

Quarters (Millions-Dollars)
March 31, 2007 448.5
Dec 31,2006 332.9
March 31,2006 293.0


Soaring prices of the securities ,bonds and stocks are attracting global investors and this is highly nurturing the financial market’s growth.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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