Financial Market Research

Financial market research relates to research and analysis of the maximum possible number of factors that influence and impact the financial market. In real terms financial research covers the detailed and investigative study of a single stock on one end and that of all the stocks listed in the market on the other.
The study of the factors at different levels of the financial market has developed their own characters in relation to their utility.

Equity Research
Equity research has been an important part of the investment process since the earliest days of the financial markets. The profitability potential of any investment is directly or indirectly related to some kind of information about the target stock or property receiving the investment. The objective of equity research is to provide information about stocks to the market.

The influence of equity research in financial markets has essentially remained the same but the degree of importance attached to it has increased in relation to its scope and dimension. Today�s evolved markets are vastly different from those of the earlier days with stocks being traded on a scale never imagined before.
This gave rise to the need for proper analysis of a stock before investing in it thereby bringing research and analysis into the main realm of investment.

Today equity research has become a specialized activity although confined to a very small segment of the market. It would be a little early to consider equity research as an independent business segment but at the same time it must be appreciated that the value of equity research is being felt by the market. This is an interesting stage in the growth and development of equity research especially in a situation where the traditional individual investor is unwilling to pay for vital stock related information while the institutional investor is already paying for research reports.

The phenomenal growth of the financial markets over the last quarter of a century meant that the very character of investment has changed with ever larger scales of market capitalization. The emergence of the Fund Manager as a new value addition in investment related financial services is actually a part of the growth and development of the institutional investor. The fund manager�s sole objective is to ensure maximum returns for his clients whose money he invests working in tandem with research inputs. The fund manager and his client are a vital part of the institutional investment process sustained by an advanced and research driven to approach to capital market investment.

Equity research still has some time to develop as a sustainable business model but like any other research activity it has its limitations in developing into a booming business. Institutional investors are willing to pay ever higher amounts for in-depth and precise research in accordance with their requirements.

Some of the modes of equity research are:
Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Securities Market Analysis
Index Momentum Analysis
Securities Momentum Analysis
Securities Chart Analysis


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