Abu Dhabi Securities

The Abu Dhabi Securities Market or ADSM recently undertook many important initiatives aimed at strengthening the investment environment in the UAE, which manifests one of the most dynamic investment and economic profiles in the entire West Asian region.
ADSM aims at consolidating communication with its partners from public joint companies and brokerage firms in order to ensure the continuity of its success throughout the development and advancement that began seven years ago. Among the emerging economies of the world, the United Arab Emirates, in general, and Abu Dhabi in particular have become the focal point of investors all over the world.

In fact Abu Dhabi is working to implement a plan to liberate and diversify its economy and upgrade the role of the private sector through projects that would be implemented during the next five years in order to develop the education, health, tourism and industry sectors. All these are the basic requirements for investment decisions and activities of the financial markets.
Such projects are worth hundreds of billions of UAE Dirhams.

Breakthrough initiatives by ADSMs


Working in cooperation with SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority) ADSM will develop the complete legal framework and enact legislations for:
Collective Investment Schemes
Trust law
Custody law


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