Sun Life Securities

Sun Life Financial is a global financial services company, with its headquarters and main operations in North America. The company was founded in 1865 in Montreal, Quebec, in Canada under the name and style of Sun Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Sun Life Financial has global operations with assets worth USD 350 billion under its management and offers a wide range of services mainly aimed at individual customers based all over the world.

Sun Life Financial is a Fortune 500 company.
Products and services

Sun Life Financial offers the following services:

In order to optimize investments it is advisable to consider the performance expected of the securities covered, the time required to reach set goals and the acceptable level of risk. Most investing strategies have a diversified mix of investments to strike an optimum balance between risk and return.
Sun Life Financial offers a full range of investment products from mutual funds and segregated funds to stocks and bonds. In fact the investment portfolio could be set up as self-directed or advisor based, registered or non-registered or customized with a bit of each, based on specific requirements.

Mutual Funds
Mutual funds allow the investor to pool his investment with those of other investors to achieve a common investment objective. Each mutual fund has a different investment objective, investment strategy, and degree of investment risk.

Segregated Funds
Such funds are basically insurance contracts offering an alternative to mutual funds known legally as “individual variable insurance contracts”. Like mutual funds Segregated Funds are ‘fund-based’ and are equipped with a guarantee. Upon maturity of the premium deposits or the death of the planholder, at least 75 % to 100 % of the initial investment is guaranteed regardless of the value of the funds on the market at that point of time.

Payout Annuities
Annuities provide payments for life to the investor and spouse and this guaranteed income offers both stability and security to simple middle class folks. A Payout Annuity provides a series of payments for a specified number of years after retirement.

Flexible Income Plan
The Flexible Income Plan is a new type of payout annuity that allows the investor to choose how much of his income he wants to be level and guaranteed, and how much of it should reflect the performance of selected stock or bond market indexes.

The other types of investment products offered by Sun Life Financial are:

Contact details

  • Sun Life Financial�s head office is located at:
    150 King Street West,  Toronto,   M5H 1J9    Tel: 416-979-4800


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