Share Market

The share market, by definition, is a place where the collective shares or shares of different companies are traded. In the share market the other forms of securities and derivatives are also sold. Yet another variation of the share market is the bond market.

Variations of the Share Market

The various kinds of share market are as follows:
1-Bond Market
2-Commodities Market
3-Markets for Derivatives

The bond markets are a conventional form of the share markets. They are primarily informal over the counter markets where the bonds are sold. Commodities are sold in the commodity market. The derivatives do not have any specific market of their own. However, like the bonds the majority of their markets are over- the-counter types.

Size of Stock Markets
Following are the various kinds of stock markets and their approximated size:
Bond Market – $45 trillion
Stock or Share Market – $51 trillion
Derivatives Market – $ 300 trillion

The biggest banks in the United States are worth almost $100 trillion in the various stock markets. However though, it might be noted that the estimated size of the derivatives market is premised on a conceptual assessment of outstanding amounts.

This means that the derivatives market could not be linked to conventional stock markets whose statistics are based on actual value.

Stock Exchanges
The stock exchanges could be a corporation or a mutual organization. They primarily serve the purpose of listing and trading the shares. The normal area of specialization of the stock exchanges is to get together the buyers and sellers of stocks or such other securities.

American Stock Exchanges
In the Stock Exchanges in the United States all the securities that are listed on the various stock exchanges are traded. There are two kinds of stock exchanges in the United States – the national and the regional. Examples of the National stock exchanges in the United States are:

The examples of regional stock exchanges in the United States are:
Pink Sheets

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