Share Market Data

The share market data is important for any investor in order to make a well informed decision on putting his hard earned money in the share market. The factor of share market data comprises of elements like share market prices, strategies as well as analysis.

Share Market Price
The element of share market price is the specific value at which a specific product is being sold in the respective market. The share market prices are normally affected by the factors like demand and supply. The most effected are the commodities that are not traded in the stock market.

The share market prices could be looked at from separate angles like the opening prices, the listing prices and the closing prices. The opening price of a stock is the one with which trade begins.

However the prices fluctuate throughout the day as ordered by the calls for and the accessibility of the specific share. The closing price of a share could also be the opening price of the ensuing day. The closing price of a stock hints at the constancy of the particular stock. These form the important part of the analysis of stock trading activities.
The amount of difference between the closing and opening prices determine the amount of safety involved with a particular investment.
Share Market Strategies
The share market strategies involve a variety of factors and comparatively higher levels of risk.

Amongst the common factors considered are the following:
Tangible and intangible assets of the company that is offering shares
Previous returns offered by the company
Exponential growth of the company.
Share Market Analysis
A lot of methods exist for analyzing share markets. However, only two are accorded as most important – Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. By fundamental analysis the various monetary statements and statistics of a company are taken into account.

Technical analysis follows a path that is different from the fundamental analysis. This mode of analysis takes into account the performance of the relevant company. This type of analysis employs quantitative means and recognizes the under appreciated companies.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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