Share Market Report

The Share Market Report is an important device for investors of all kinds as it gives a sufficiently fair picture of the state of transactions in the respective share market that is being covered by it. According to the share market report the different stock markets all over the world are going through a period of economic liberalization.
The stock market liberalization has helped an increasing number of people to get access to the stock markets all around the world. The improvement in the technological aspects of the stock trading business has helped in the efficacy of the share markets around the world. The biggest share markets, all around the world, have been growing pretty quickly.

This growth could however be attributed to the field of market capitalization. However there has been another side to this bright development. The number of small investors or rather the ones who have been operating on a personal basis has been decreasing since the past few years. The amount of deduction is really considerable and that happens to be a worrying factor for the share markets around the world.
The performance of the share markets all over the world was decent for the year of 2005-06. Amongst the best performers was Dow Jones.
Their industrial average did well. It surpassed the figure of 11,000 marks for that year. This is the best performance since the year 2001 and counted amongst the all time highs.

The other stock exchanges that performed well in the same year, apart from Dow Jones, were the ones in Toronto, Madrid and Sydney. The stock market trends are an important part of any share market report.

Historically it has been observed that change is the only common factor of the stock market trends. The same could be said about this year. Like each and every year the movements in the stock market have been determined by the financial performance of the various companies.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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