India Online Share Trading

Online share trading has replaced the off line trading process in almost every part of the world. In India also, the scenario is same. India online share trading is becoming very popular among the investors. There are several stock exchanges in India and among these, The NSE and BSE are the most important one.
Share trading in India is a popular way of investment and this has made NSE, the third largest stock exchange of the world. As a growing economy, India is expected to do well in all the sectors of investment and that is exactly what the investment sector is doing now. Shares are the first choice of the investors because it can provide very good returns in very short period.

Following the global trends, India has also changed the process of trading. India online share trading is providing the customers with the simple and comfortable way of share trading.

The investors are enjoying a bunch of services which is making the trading process much more secured and profitable. The online trading sites are providing free trading tools to the investor to provide them all the necessary information and suggestion regarding the investment options and strategies.
There are several charts and graphs which allows the investors to interpret in the process. At the same time information about all the latest openings for investment are also provided to the investor.

Sharekhan is one of the leading companies in India that provides online share trading services.

The company provides several specialized services which are as follows:
Classic Account:
The classic accounts provide the investor with several attractive features. Through this account, the investor can invest directly in the equities and derivatives. The account can also be used as bank account, demat account and obviously for the trading purpose. The account also offers cash transfer facility in a short time. Again the IPO bookings can be done through this accounts.
Speed Trade:
The facility offers quick order execution, tic-by-tic charts, alerts and market summaries, real time streaming quotes and many more.
In this facility, two numbers are provided to the customers to place their orders on phone. The phone banking facility provides automatic transfer of funds. Saves a lot of time and also provides professional advises.
Demat Account:
As an alternative of the physical exchanges, provide quick and secured share trading process to the investor.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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