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The Irish Stock exchange or ISE was established in 1793 when the two exchanges Cork and Dublin, were merged. The Irish parliament passed the Ireland Stock Exchange Act in 1799. After a long journey, the Irish stock exchange was made a member of the International Stock Exchange of Great Britain and it was well known as the London Stock Exchange.
In 1995, the independent Irish Stock Exchange was born and till date, it is working efficiently. Certain changes has taken place in the Ireland share trading industry and it has now shifted from the physical exchange to the online process of share trading. The new system of share trading in Ireland is known as ISE Xetra and the owner of this system is known as Deutsche Borse Group .

The share market indicators of Ireland is known as ISEQ General, ISEQ Financial, the ISEQ Small Cap, ISEQ 20, ITEQ index, Irish Stock Exchange Quotient, etc. Maximum number of private companies in Ireland are enlisted on the ISE.

Though it is not mandatory in Ireland, but these companies are there to provide the Share trading option to the Irish People and at the same time, to generate funds fro themselves.
Some of the major Irish stock companies that are providing their shares in the Irish stock market are:
Kenmare Resources Plc.
Datalex Plc.
Glanbia Plc.
F.B.D Holdings Plc.
Bank of Ireland
Anglo Irish Bank Funding Corporation Limited.
Abbey Plc.
C R H Plc
Eircom Group Plc.
There are several companies which are providing online services to the people in Ireland. Because of the online facilities, the Ireland share trading sector is becoming a favorite of the investors of both national and international level. Some of these online service providers are:


Campbell O’Connor & Company

Goodbody Stock Brokers

All these companies provide several types of service to the investors. As the broking firm, they performs all the necessary work of buying and selling of the shares and they also provides worthy investment suggestions to the clients.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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