Share Brokers

Share brokers may be a firm or individuals who perform on behalf of the client. The client generally informs the broker about the desire of buying or selling certain shares. The broker carries out the requested job and earns a certain amount as commission for the job. The share brokers also perform the advisory role and provides the client with investment advises on the basis of certain analysis.
Share brokers are very important in the whole process of share trading, They are professionals who are related to the field and knows the field better. The stock brokers are generally people with finance or business background and they need to qaulify in certain exams in order to get the necessary license for the job.

Every new trader who are entering in the business needs the support and expertise of these people in order to gain grounds in the market. At the same time, the experienced traders also need the valuable assistance of these people to raise profit and to minimize the losses.

There are several types of share brokers like full service brokers, discount brokers and direct access brokers. The full time stock brokers are the firms or people who provide the primary service of trading on behalf of the client and at the same time they also provides certain complimentary services to the clients.
These companies usually provide information about several types of investment options and also about the movement of the indexes . The investors are also provided with the valuable advices about the investment strategy which can help the investor in making good profits.

The discount brokers are not involved in the process so deeply. They only use to provide the trading services to the client. They are involved in purchasing and selling of the shares for the clients. These type of brokers are divided in two types, standard discounters and deep discounters. These brokers usually charge almost half of what the full time brokers charges and on certain occasions the rates are less by 80%.

There are several reputed share brokers operating in the share market and internet is the most efficient tool to locate them.

Some of the famous share broking firms are as follows:
A.G. Edwards
AKJ, Inc
Alaris Trading Partners
Acker Finley Inc
Bank of America Investment Services
Choice Investments


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