Share magazines provide us a variety of information about different companies and their respective share prices. Share magazines play a significant role in the management of personal finance portfolio of the investors.
The share market can be broadly categorized into two types:
The Primary Market: In this market, the initial public offering or IPO of the shares and stocks is made.
The Secondary Market: In this market, the subsequent trading of shares and stocks is carried out after the IPO has been made.
Share magazines offer information on both types of markets. Topics covered by share magazines include various articles on stock market research, equity analysis, as well as financial analysis.
The price movements of the shares or the movement of the stock market indices can be tracked easily with the help of share magazines.
Share magazines are important for every section of the society because it offers valuable information both to the company, as well as the investors. They are beneficial for the companies because they are able to know about different profitable investment opportunities that are emerging.

They are advantageous to the investors because the investors are able to know which stock prices are going up and which stock prices are declining, so what is the profitable investment option. The share magazines reflect the overall condition of the national economy because the share price movements are completely dependent on the market forces. If the share prices indicate stability or growth, then it also suggests that the national economy is in a steady or healthy state. Share magazines also provide information regarding what is happening in the principal stock exchanges around the world.

Share magazines offer the information about the fundamentals of a specific company and the trend of its share price movements. If the information is favorable to the investors, then they become ready to invest in that particular company. Otherwise, it would be risky for them. Share magazines offer information about the price earning ratio (P/E Ratio) and earnings per share (EPS) of a particular stock and this kind of information proves to be helpful for the investors to judge the feasibility of buying that share and taking the investment decision. Share magazines offer a variety of financial forecasts, which are based on fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Currently, with the advent of Internet, the online share magazines are becoming more popular over the passage of time. The Wall Street Journal is one of the most famous online share magazines.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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