On Line Share Dealing

On Line Share Dealing is one of the most comfortable ways of share trading. The invention of Internet has changed the whole concept of share trading. Earlier, share trading in the physical exchanges were very complex in nature and the lack of timely information caused several problems. On the other hand, online trading has reduced the risks to some extent.
There are several advantages of online share dealing. No need for waiting in the queues is left anymore. Only an Internet connection is needed and through that, any interested person from any part of the world can trade in the stock markets of the world. The whole trading process can be concluded with only a click on the computer mouse.

The cost of on line share dealing is also very low. Trading through phone, charges very high. The GBP 1,000 and GBP 2,500 trading process may cost 40-80% more then the online processing. The rates offered by the brokers for trading over phone and through Internet vary too much.

The online share trading also offers several other complimentary services. There are several types of online tools offered for the purpose. These tools help the traders with worthy advises and timely information about the stock market movements.
At the same time, there is latest information about the new investment areas are also offered. One can also find the company history on the online trading sites. All these help the traders to take timely decision and to make good profit.

At the same time, the comfort factors are also related to the process. The physical exchange trading through the open outcry method is very complex and takes a lot of time and energy. The comfort of trading from one’s own bedroom is attracting people very much. All these and many more are the responsible for the recent popularity of the online share dealing. Recent report says that almost 55% of the share trading in 2005 was done through Internet. The ratio was about 30% in 2001. The growth itself describes the whole story.

To trade online, one need to open a certain account and all his dealings are done through this process. There are several brokers who offer assistance and service for the purpose. In most of the online trading, the broker on the consent of the particular trader carries out the whole responsibility. The trader is only asked to participate in the process, whenever there arises any need to take vital decisions. The dividends or other profit goes to the traders account directly. The trader pays a certain part of his income as commission to the brokers.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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