Share Quotes

The share quotes are the basic instruments for the stock traders to accomplish the deal. These quotes provide all the necessary information regarding the stock rates and the changes of the market. These rates are exhibited in two ways, fractions or decimals. The stock quotes are placed in various groups according to their characters.
These groups are:
Historical Stock quotes
Real time Stock quotes
Delayed stock quotes

The historical share quotes exhibit the history of the share. Through these quotes, the trends of the particular stock movement and the fluctuations in the prices can be analyzed.

On the other hand, the delayed stock quotes are provided free and it is very useful for stock traders of every level.

These quotes are generally 15-20 minutes delayed quotes. The real time stock quotes are exhibited with one to two minutes of delay. These quotes are very essential for the online day traders. These are also called live stock quotes and live streaming stock quotes.
There are a number of sources to provide the stock quotes to the investors. The delayed stock quotes are provided without any cost.

These can be found in the newspapers and journals related to the business and finance sectors. The quotes can also be gathered from the stock markets and the stockbrokers. There are several websites and popular search engines like MSN Money and Yahoo! Finance to provide these quotes.

The real time stock quotes not free like the earlier one. This service generally exhibits all the rates and movements related to the stocks. As an additional service, the real time quotes also offers the related professionals alerts and help the traders to the job with better proficiency. The real time stock quotes are structured with several powerful tools to create the appropriate trading policy.

The stock quotes are presented in various ways like graphs and tables.


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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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