US Financial Market

US financial market leads in terms of total Dollar transactions volume .United States has the largest financial market of the globe. People across United States are highly interested to invest in shares to make fast money. Most of the US companies have provided rich dividends to the potential investors.
People from different corners of the world invest in US financial markets. New York financial market started in the year 1817 and since then it has attracted leading financial investors. Many global stock traders are maximizing profits by investing in the US Financial markets.

New York stock exchange is the leading stock exchange in terms total volume of currency trading. Many of the companies listed in the US Financial markets are global corporations. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) ranks second in terms of total companies listed. To provide more convenience to the stock traders,NYSE has merged with Euronext.

Euronext mainly deals the stocks related to Information Technology. New York Stock exchange offer continuous trading in auction format.
The major categories of industry stocks that are traded at U.S Stock markets are as follows:
Consumer Durables & Apparel
Software & Services
Real Estate
Biotechnology & Life Sciences
Capital Goods
Food Beverage & Tobacco
The major US Financial markets are mentioned below:

Name of the stock exchange Location
Chicago Stock Exchange Chicago
Boston Stock Exchange(BSE) Boston
New York City (NASDAQ) New York
National Stock Exchange (NSX ) Chicago
American Stock Exchange( AMEX) New York City
New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) New York
NYSE Arca New York City New York
Philadelphia Stock Exchange(PHLX ) Philadelphia
HedgeStreet San Mateo
New York Board of Trade(NYBOT ) New York

The leading US Companies that largely influence US financial market are as follows:
Altria Group Inc
Alcoa Inc
American Express Company
AT&T Inc.
American International Group, Inc.
Boeing Co.
Citigroup, Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.
General Motors Corporation
General Electric Company
Honeywell Intl Inc
Hewlett-Packard Co.
International Business Machines
Intel Corporation
JP Morgan & Chase & Co
Johnson & Johnson
Merck & Co., Inc.
McDonald’s Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
Pfizer Inc
The Coca-Cola Company
The Procter & Gamble Company
United Technologies Corporation
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Walt Disney Company

High profits of the US based companies have nourished the sustainable growth of US financial markets.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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