World Debt

International statistics shows that most of the developing nations of the world have largely dependent upon external debt. Developing nations such as India and China have relied upon external debt for the development of various sectors. External debt stock of India was US $126.4 billions as in the end of March 2006.
The total external debt of the country increased to US $136.5 billions at the end of September 2006. In the case of China, the total external debt was US $ 248.9 billions as in the year 2004.

External debts of various countries over the world as in 2004 are as follows:

Country Total External debt (US $ Billion)
China 248.9
Brazil 222
Russian Fed. 197.3
Argentina 169.2
Turkey 161.6
Indonesia 140.6
Mexico 138.7
India 122.7
Poland 99.2
Hungry 63.2

Debt To GNI:
Debt to GNI ratio in some of the emerging economies over the world is as follows:
Debt to GNI ratio in Indonesia is comparatively higher among some of the emerging economies over the world.

Data Source: World Bank

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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