Dhaka Share Market

The Dhaka share market is based on the Dhaka Stock Exchange, incorporated in 1954. The Dhaka stock exchange can be referred to as the barometer of Dhaka share market.

Dhaka Stock Exchange History
Dhaka stock exchange (DSE) is located in Motijheel, in the heart of Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka. Dhaka’s stock exchange is the first in the country to track and regulate market trading in Bangladesh. Though first integrated as the East Pakistan Stock Exchange Association Ltd in April 1954, the Dhaka stock exchange started its formal functioning and trading in 1956.

It was renamed the Dacca Stock Exchange Ltd in the year of 1964 and following the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971, the trading in the exchange was discontinued for five years until 1976. The DSE All Share Price Index started in 1986 and the formula for calculating it was reformulated by the IFC in 1993.
The Dhaka stock exchange started automated trading in August 1998; from January 2001, the DSE 20 Index has been in effect. The stock exchange started a central depository system in 2004.

Dhaka Stock Exchange Member Council
A 24-member council regulates the operations of the Dhaka stock exchange (DSE): 12 members come from the DSE itself, while 12 others are selected from the ministries of finance, commerce, Bangladeshi banks, metropolitan chambers of commerce and industries, and various other groups within the country.

Since independence in 1971, Bangladesh has achieved considerable economic development. With the growth of technology in Bangladesh, the Dhaka stock exchange has become accessible to common people in addition to traditional brokers: the involvement of non-professional Bangladeshis in the Dhaka share market has increased in the past several years. The Dhaka stock exchange generates reports on the latest DSE index, top gainer companies, top loser companies and monthly reviews on the Dhaka stock market, thereby enabling people to invest in the market more readily.

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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