Malaysia Share Market

The Malaysia Share Market is one of the best performers in Asia. Three years back, the government of Malaysia had made a pledge to loosen its hold on the corporate sector and sell its shareholdings in state firms. But, it still is trying to own more of the stock market. The investors are not too happy with this because they believe that the stocks are held too tightly.
The market velocity, in 2006, was 32%. The Malaysia conference promises to reform Government Linked Companies (GLC) and remove state equity. The government is for fixing the state-linked firms before selling down. It is important to note here that the biggest companies of the Malaysian market seldom appear among the top traded stock.

Market surveys reveal that the state firms like, power utility Tenaga Nasional, Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines etc. are among the best performing companies in the country. Very recently, the Malaysia share prices were a little higher in early trading and the investors were more interested in services, construction and property stocks. The technical indicators predict a volatile market in the short term.
The investors while trading must check all information. They should be aware of the true value of a stock and should invest prudently. The share capital and portfolio need to be protected.
In 1960, the Malayan Stock Exchange was formed and this carried out trading in shares.
The market indices of Malaysia are as follows:
Composite Index
Industrial Index
Finance Index. Properties Index
Mining Index
Syariah Index
Plantations Index
Technology Index
Second Board Index
MESDAQ Market Index
Consumer Products Index
Industrial Products Index
Construction Index.
Trading/Services Index

The Singapore Stockbrokers’ Association of 1930 was the first formal securities business organization in the country. It was rechristened as Malayan Stockbroker’s Association in 1937. 1973 saw the separation of Malaysia and Singapore stock exchanges into KLSEB and SES. The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange is also known as Bursa Malaysia Berhad. The stock exchanges of Malaysia are Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Kuala Lumpur Commodity Exchange and Malaysia Monetary Exchange.

Some of the top companies of the Malaysian share market are as follows:

Acp Industries BHD
A & M Realty BHD
G.A.Blue International BHD
Daibochi Plastic & Packaging Inds BHD
Halim Mazmin BHD
K & N Kenanga Holdings BHD
ABF Malaysia Bond Index Fund
Bandar Raya Developments BHD
C.i. Holdings BHD
E&O Property Development BHD

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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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