Monthly Financial Report

Monthly financial report offers the picture of a company or organization’s financial condition after the completion of a month not only to the employees but also to the different investors and lenders of funds.

Content of the Monthly Financial Report:
The monthly financial statement includes the following:
It includes the history of stock price, monthly revenue, expenses, earnings, management’s discussion and analysis.
It contains the balance sheet that’s known as the statement of financial position and which gives the assets, liabilities, and owners’ equity of the company at a particular point of time.
This report comprises fiscal outcomes that includes the underlying cash balance, movements in underlying cash receipts, movements in underlying cash payments and fiscal balance.
This report contains cash flow of a company as well.

Computation Methodologies and Other Influential Matters:
The monthly financial report includes the essential disclosures of additional data, assumptions and methodologies. It includes the underlying cash balance, fiscal balance, operating result of a particular month. But revenues and expenses are subject to change from one month to another. So, attention should be given while comparing monthly data across the years and also to the estimation for the complete year.

The accurate structure that includes the decision regarding policies and timing of the compensations can have a huge influence on yearly financial sum total and on the year to date outcomes.

At the end of the month the monthly financial report gives the information of the financial condition of the company. It estimates the financial progress, monetary status, and prospects for computing the development of the organization.
Most monthly reports are also served as marketing pieces. Description of the company’s financial operations and income statement can be found from the monthly report.
After the completion of a financial month the fiscal condition and as well as the profitability of an organization can be observed or measured by this report. Companies, every now and then, make a separate report to show the stockholders’ equity instead of presenting them through the balance sheet.
The changes in the stock options or stock issued must be reflected in the monthly financial reports.


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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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