Ford Financial Statements

Abstract: Ford financial statements unveil information regarding the financial condition of Ford Motor Company. Ford financial statements consist of cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet and statement of retained earnings. The Ford Motor Company primarily concerned with activities relating to the production and selling of cars and trucks. The company also engaged in activities like financing, renting vehicles and equipments. During the year ended March of 2007, sales of financial services of Ford Motor Company recorded an increase by 30.8 percent. Ford Motor Company: Cash Flow Statement ( a summary) Cash from operating activities in 2006 (period ended on 31.12.2006): $ 9,615.0 million
Cash from operating activities in 2005 (period ended on 31.12.2005): $ 21,120.0 million Ford Motor

Company: Balance Sheet ( a summary)

In Millions of USD (except for per share items) As of 2014-12-31 As of 2013-12-31 As of 2012-12-31 As of 2011-12-31
Cash and Short Term Investments 10757 14468 15659 17148
Other Long Term Assets, Total 13639 13468 15529 15604
Total Long Term Debt 79999 76625 66296 59177
Total Equity 24805 26112 15947 15028

Ford Motor Company: Income Statement ( a summary)

In Millions of USD (except for per share items) 12 months ending 2014-12-31 12 months ending 2013-12-31 12 months ending 2012-12-31 12 months ending 2011-12-31
Total Revenue 144077 146917 133559 135605
Total Operating Expense 140769 141457 127760 128201
Gross Profit 17862 18862 17405 18380


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