Stock Financial Report

Stock financial report contains the information regarding all the dealings of shares of a company that have been performed by the share holders having at least 10% of the company’s stock.

The stock report contains different types of information. They are as follows:
Traders’ Report:
This is to forecast the stocks of attractive prices. In the same way, the information about the salable stocks have been conveyed to the members. The user can select their stock by searching with the criteria that they want which, interns, will minimize the risk factor.

Investors Report:
This report is designed to help the investors before investing. It can be seen as a knowledge center that have been built by extensive market research, members’ call and email. The investors can get plethora of information from it and also can make idea of high quality shares which will be able to give consistent long term returns. Also this report can enhance the investors towards the improvement of their investment results.

The main features of investors report are:
Focus Stocks: It contains the report about those stocks which have got the focus over the week.
Market Wrap & News: It focuses on the latest development of the shares in the market and also on the company forecasts. From this report any one not only can get the idea of the stocks which are comparatively good but also can avoid any possible blab that is going around the market regarding stocks.
Portfolio: Here one can monitor the stocks that are going to be purchased in the future and also can get the updates regarding any further developments of stocks. The different types of portfolios are:
a) Growth Portfolio,
b) Balance Portfolio,
c) Income Portfolio,
d) Absolute Return Portfolio.

Contracts for Difference Report:
Contracts for Difference report is used by the investors and traders from different background to minimize the risks and enlarge their return. In the share business ,CFD is a rapid developing tool. It contains overseas market wrap, share treading ideas, analysis and trading details, foreign exchange analysis and trading etc.


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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013


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