Foreign Exchange Market Mexico

The foreign exchange market Mexico typically handles the Mexican currency market, where the buyers and sellers of different countries trade the Mexican currency Peso with other currencies of the world.

The major players in the Mexico foreign exchange market are the Mexican government, the central bank – Bank of Mexico, all major commercial banks in Mexico and other leading financial corporations. The foreign exchange policies in Mexico are set and regulated by the Bank of Mexico and Ministry of Finance. The rate of exchange of Peso with other currencies largely depends on the money value of Peso and the corresponding traded currency. The more the currency is traded in the foreign exchange market and the less it is in supply, the more the value of that particular currency in the foreign exchange market.

The Mexican currency Peso has universal acceptance and apart from Mexico, the Peso is also used as a medium of exchange in North America, China, Pacific Islands and South East Asia. Due to its universal acceptance, the Mexican Peso is a largely traded currency in the foreign exchange market all over the world.

The advanced technology has made the forex trading easier in any part of the world. Mexico is no exception. There are a number of financial websites, portals, broker’s sites and news portals that provide real time information on the forex trading indices. The FX Mexico is such a service providing site that is partnered with the Global Forex Trading (GFT). The prime objective of the website is to bring the foreign exchange market of Mexico straight to the trader’s computer. Apart from supplying world-class financial dealing software, FX Mexico also provides the necessary services to guide the traders in their foreign exchange trading.

The current exchange rates of Mexican Peso with other currencies of the world are:

Currency Exchange Rate
US$ 11.0925
Pound Sterling 22.155
Canadian Dollar 10.8389
Australian Dollar 9.2766
Euro 15.3842
New Zealand Dollar 7.8745


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