Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend program is a program, which was introduced in the state of Alaska under the rules and regulations of Alaska legislature in the year 1980. The principal objective of this program is to distribute the assets of Alaska Permanent Fund among the people of Alaska.
For receiving the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend, an individual has to reside in Alaska for at least one year. The PFD program actually started its operations in the year 1982. The payment of dividends under the Alaska PFD program is done on the basis of an average taken on the earnings of the permanent fund for five years.

This is done in order to steady the dividends simply due to the reason that position of oil market and share market in Alaska varies on a yearly basis. The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend program is also known as the PFD program. The Alaska Permanent Fund was founded in 1976 subject to the constitution of Alaska.

The Alaska Permanent Fund is entirely invested in the financial markets in a diversified manner and in different forms of assets. The earning of the fund is generated from this type of investments and it includes earning from stock dividends, interest from bonds, rent received from real estate and income generated from sale of capital assets.
The Alaska Permanent Fund is supervised by the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, which is a state-owned corporation and the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend program is regulated by the Permanent Fund Dividend division, which is a separate entity.

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend is utilized for both savings and expenditure purposes. At present, the APFC is proposing for a Percent of Market Value Approach for managing the assets of Alaska Permanent Fund, which is being used by many contemporary trust fund management companies.
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