Immigrants and Minority Business Owners

mmigrants and minority business owners are people from foreign lands who have set up mostly small successful business units in the US. These people mostly stress on self employment for survival on a foreign land.

More on Immigrants and Minority Business Owners
Self employment ventures of immigrants and minority business owners reflect an unique opportunity constraint matrix in Economics. In the 1960’s these small scale minority immigrant businesses were low on earnings. It was a sort of an answer to labor market discrimination faced by these qualified immigrants.

However, the situation changed for the better after World War II.

The 1990’s saw a movement towards product and service diversification in these immigrant minority owned business enterprises. Owned by college educated people, they are now targeting huge non-minority markets. People from the black community is also following the same path with community members and enrolling themselves for college education, technical education and business degrees.

Favorable markets for Immigrants and Minority Business Owners
Immigrants and Minority Business Owners found favorable markets for their products. The entry costs in these markets are comparatively low. Abandoned markets in inner cities and urban city centers, non ethnic markets for ethnic products, markets displaying low economies of scale and small scale businesses that faces market uncertainties are some of those markets that are supporting the immigrants and minority business owners.
Ownership Issue Related to Immigrants and Minority Businesses
The ownership issues of the immigrant ethnic minority entrepreneurs are mostly determined by the existing vacancies for business ownership in the country and the demand for the same among the residents. The other determinant is the concerned government policies for the immigrants on this particular issue. Government policies, among other factors, determine the market size and concentration of the business enterprises in a particular region.

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