Aircraft Insurance

Aircraft insurance deals with insurance protection to cover the risks associated with the aircraft and its operations. It provides financial assistance in case of any problem to the aircraft or its passengers.

Types of Aviation insurance
Public liability insurance: It protects aircraft owners from the damage caused by their aircraft to third party property, such as houses, cars, crops, airport facilities and other aircraft struck in a collision.
Passenger liability insurance: It protects passengers in case of aircraft accident in which the passengers might get injured or killed.
In-flight insurance: It protects an insured aircraft against damage during all phases of flight and ground operation

  • 1. Aviation Insurance Services (AIS) is largest independent broker in aviation insurance, and it provides service and coverage in all matters of the aviation world, including (non-exhaustive list):International Air Carriers
    National and Regional Air Carriers
    Aircraft Dealers and Distributors
    Aircraft Manufacturers
    Corporate Aviation
    Government Aviation
    2.AOPA Insurance Agency

    3. MacKenzie Aviation Insurance offers coverage for (non-exhaustive list):

    Pleasure and Business Aircraft
    Commercial Aircraft
    Airport Liability
    Hangar Coverage
    Flight School
    Experimental and Home-built Aircraft
    Flying Clubs

    4. CS&A Aviation Insurance offers coverage for:

    Corporate Aircraft
    Private Aircraft
    Regional Airlines
    Repair Facilities
    Aircraft Dealers & Brokers
    Charter Companies
    Pilots Insurance

    5. Falcon Insurance Agency
    6. Cannon Aviation Insurance
    7. Southwest Aviation Insurance Group
    8. Hardy Aviation Insurance


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