Alabama Insurance

Alabama is situated in South-eastern part of the USA with an area of 135,775 km2, is the 30th largest state in the US. The capital of the state is Montgomery while its largest city is Birmingham. Alabama is the 23rd largest state in the US in terms of population.

Insurance is a major financial industry in modern times and particularly in the developed countries of the West. In the US, insurance has been a flourishing financial sector and various types of insurance are available in all the US states.

Alabama Home insurance
Home insurance protects one’s home against various kinds of calamities (ranging from fires to theft). Alabama home insurance, similarly, protects one’s home and personal property in case of disaster strikes, as well as safeguards against liability for accidents that injure other people or damage their property.

Factors to consider Alabama Home Insurance Coverage:
1. The better the coverage, the less your financial obligation in the event of a claim.
2. In case of financing home, the lender could have certain coverage requirements, and it important to find these out ahead of time.
3. One need to have considerable liability coverage to protect himself from lawsuits resulting from his/her negligence.

Determination of Price by Home insurance Companies are based on:
Type of construction of the home
Insured home’s age
The distance between the insured home and fire protection
The amount of coverage to be bought by the insured
The chosen deductible

Health Insurance is the insurance of health against any kind of injury or disease. Health Insurance in Alabama can be related to a wide variety of insurance, such as medicare supplement, dental insurance, low cost Health Insurance, disability insurance, high deductible health plans, and life insurance. As per the rules the domain of Alabama health insurance , the residents of Alabama have the right (both under federal and state law) to be protected when they seek to buy, keep, or switch their Health Insurance. In Alabama healthy care protection is available both for individuals, groups, and small employer and self-employed person.

According to the Alabama Department of Insurance, Alabama health insurance premiums are to be based on:
1) health care costs
2) underlying level of coverage
3) health of insured(s)
4) lifestyle habits (i.e. smoking)
5) age of insured
6) location of residence

Alabama life insurance provides financial security when the insured is absent or is incapacitated. According to the Alabama Department of Insurance, most of the family breadwinners buy Alabama life insurance to meet the future financial needs of their dependents while there are also people who purchase Alabama life insurance to build up monetary support for future event such as retirement or estate taxes. Nowadays even women are increasingly becoming a significant part of the life insurance market. However, while opting for a life insurance product in Alabama, one has to keep in mind the factors of price, longevity of insurance companies, service, and comfort level with insurance agent.

Alabama life insurance comprises various types of insurance:
1. Term Life Insurance (provides financial protection for a temporary period of time)
2. Whole Life Insurance (provides Alabama residents with long-term financial protection)
Life Insurance Companies in Alabama:
1. Life Insurance Company of Alabama
2. Liberty National Insurance
3. Mutual Savings Life Insurance
4. New York Life Insurance
5. Liberty National Life Insurance
6. Woodmen of the World Insurance
7. Farm Bureau Insurance

In Alabama, the USA, the auto insurance law requires motor vehicles to be covered by a liability insurance policy. Regarding liability insurance, there is a minimum of $20,000 for injury liability for one person in an accident, $40,000 for all injuries in an accident, and $10,000 for property damage in an accident.

Alabama auto insurance is that kind of insurance which driver and car owners purchase for their vehicles (any type of four wheeler) to ensure financial and legal protection in case of an accident. However, auto insurance policy minimums vary by state, and seekers for auto insurance need to shop around for insurance providers that will provide competitive rates on their auto insurance policy. Auto insurance is available for all possible scenario, like for instance renewal of current auto insurance policy, insurance for a brand new vehicle, insurance for teenager driver who just got their license. Alabama car insurance companies provide optional coverage for collision, medical, and uninsured and under insured motorist coverage.

Dental Insurance is offered to individuals and families who obtain their Dental Insurance coverage through large groups or through their employers or people go for dental insurance on individual basis. It covers dental examinations, hygiene cleanings, root canals, orthodontics, and so on. Dental insurance is a prosperous segment in the US insurance industry.

Alabama dental insurance mainly comprises of:
1. Discount Dental Service Plan (which provides discounts on preventive, basic, restorative and orthodontia besides sometimes including free cleanings, x-rays and medical examinations.
2. Real Dental Insurance (Alabama PPO Dental Plans) [under this an insured where the insured can go to any dentist of his/her choose. The plan would pay the insured or the dentist certain amount for each procedure.
Medical insurance is the type of insurance wherein an individual and his/her family or a group of people (such as employees) are being insured against any kind of disease/illness or injury. In Alabama, the US, medical insurance services are offered by various companies, both on long-term and short-term basis.

Alabama Medical Insurance Services include:
International services with several insurance companies offering a broad range of products
24 x 7 professional customer service
Licensed insurance agents to answer inquiries.
Free online health insurance quote
Complete privacy of health insurance subscriber information
Provision of downloading medical insurance policy brochure
Insurance for all US residents (new immigrants, H1B, H4 visa, J1 / J2 scholars, green card holders)

Types of Alabama Medical Insurance:
1. Short Term Policies:
These insurance plans are available for individuals having gap in their health insurance coverage. People who opt for such medical insurance policies are mostly those who are working between jobs, waiting for employer group coverage, are on strike, recent college graduates and the like (such plans are offered by Assurant Health Short Term Insurance).
Again there is the HPA Secure Short Term Medical Insurance which provides insurance to the insured and his/her family. Such plan covers physician services, surgery, outpatient and inpatient care and is suitable for those who are between health insurance plans, a college student or fresh graduate, a part-time or temporary employee, unemployed or laid off.
2. Long Term Policies:
Alabama health insurance also offers long-term health insurance plans. Such plans are offered by Golden Rule Insurance (it provides health insurance products specifically for individuals across America) and Assurant Health Right Start Insurance (covers visit to the doctor, paying for a prescription, serious medical care, and others).

Insurance Companies in Alabama:
Allstate Insurance Company
GEICO Homeowners Insurance
American Home Shield
Farmers Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Celtic Health Insurance
United HealthCare
Fortis Health Insurance
Golden Rule Health Insurance
State Farm

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