Insurance in Alaska

Alaska is situated in the northwest part of USA . It is the largest state in United States and 4th least populous state in united states. Insurance is readily available here in Alaska. Insurance is one of the most flourishing financial sector in the US and all the states in the US comprise a large number of insurance industries, offering insurance of various kinds.

Alaska life insurance policy provides cash to the beneficiaries of bread-earner, ensuring that his/her family will have the means to protect their standard of living.
A single person would purchase Alaska life insurance if he/she plans on getting married or having children in the future, or, in case he/she may want to purchase Alaska life insurance so that his/her final expenses and lingering debt are not passed on to loved ones after his/her death.

Types of Alaska Life Insurance:
The most common forms of Alaska life insurance are:
a) Term Life Insurance
b) Permanent Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Term life policy protects the insured for a period of one or more years, which means that a death benefit is only paid out if the insured dies during the specified period. Such a policy allows a higher death benefit for less money, hence making it particularly attractive to young adults or individuals with limited income.
Permanent Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance protects the insured for the entire duration of the insured’s life and often has a guaranteed death benefit.
Life Insurance Companies in Alaska include:
State Farm Insurance
Thrivent Financial
Integrity Insurance

Alaska auto insurance includes car insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance. Alaska auto insurance is available in almost all cities of Alaska. Regarding the auto insurance rules in Alaska, minimum requirements as per state law are 50/100/25. It stands at $ 5,000 US per person for bodily injury liability, $ 100,000 US total bodily injury liability per accident, and $ 25,000 US for total property damage, per accident.

Alaska Auto Insurance Policies:
If the insured owner owns a fairly new car with a running loan against it, then he/she is required to carry full coverage insurance on the vehicle. This would guarantee the lender that if he/she is involved in a collision that causes major damage or even a total loss of the vehicle, even if the collision had mainly occurred owing to the owner’s fault, the loan company will be paid the balance due on the loan in full.
Insurance policy prices are based on various factors, such as:
Including how far you drive to and from work
The area where you reside
The number of points on your driving record
Whether or not the owner smokes cigarettes
SR-22 Insurance:
The SR-22 insurance policy is a motor vehicle liability insurance policy with an extra responsibility from the insurance company. The insurance company, with an SR-22 policy, needs to notify the DMV immediately if the policy lapses, is cancelled, or is terminated.
Dental insurance insures one’s, his/her family’s or a group’s dental health against any kind of loss or injury. Major problems related with dentistry consist of occasional toothache or possible broken tooth and rarely a malignancy or tumor.
1. Types of Alaska Dental Insurance/Benefit Plans:
Indemnity Plans:
This plan provides annual limit between ($1,000 to $2,500) depending on the plan purchased by the employer. The employer (and possibly the employee) pays a monthly premium which are underwritten by the insurance company.
Self-Funded Plans:
These plans (also known as Direct Reimbursement Plans or indemnity-like plans) are underwritten by the employer rather than by an insurance company. They are generally suitable to reimburse the employee based on a schedule of funds used for care rather than as a percentage of the cost of the type of treatment received.
Managed Care Plans:
There are several different forms of managed care plans exist, however the basic idea of each plan is that the dentist is contractually limited both by the types of treatment that can be rendered to the patients and also the fees that can be charged for that treatment.
Capitation Plans:
This plan pays a dentist a set fee each month for each enrolled patient.
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans:
This is also a type of managed care plan which involves participating or non-participating providers. In the case of former, each dentist signs a contract with the insurance company and agrees to provide limited care at reduced fees. However, if a patient elects to seek treatment from a non-network dentist, the patient would have to pay a substantial portion of the dental fees since the dentist does not have a contract with the managed care company.
Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) Plans:
This type of plan is basically a large scale PPO plan. According to a DMO plan, all employees in a geographic area enroll in a single plan because no other plans are offered in that area.
2. Donated Dental Services(care for disabled Alaskans)
3. Publicly Funded Programs

Major Insurance Companies in Alaska are :
1. Home Insurance Companies include:
Allstate Insurance Company
GEICO Homeowners Insurance
American Home Shield
Farmers Insurance
2. Auto Insurance Companies include:
Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance
Allstate Insurance Company
GEICO Auto Insurance
State Farm
Progressive Direct Insurance
Nationwide Insurance
3. Life/Health Insurance Companies include:
Aetna US Insurance
New York Life Insurance
4. Dental Insurance Companies include:
Aetna Dental
Cigna Dental Network Access
Security Life Dental Insurance
Health Insurance Types in Alaska include:
Health Insurance
Temporary Health Insurance
College Student Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Life Insurance

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