College Health Insurance

College Health Insurance is primarily the kind of health insurance which protects students of higher education who has visited some other country for education purpose, against any kind of physical and health-related problems. There are a lot of insurance companies which provide such kinds of insurance coverage, such as Champion Insurance Advantage Ltd., Soma College Health Insurance Plan, Assurant Health, Student Health, and others.

To speak of the nature of policy coverage of such kind of insurance, Champion Insurance Advantage Ltd offers a policy which is available to students under 30 years of age, is a renewable 12 month coverage, offers nationwide coverage, allows the usage any doctor or hospital, can be maintained after college, and provides “Discount Plan” (which provides discounted Rx, Dental, Vision, and others).

Student Health offers Health Insurance plans such as Renewable College Health Insurance Plans (presently attending college full time), Not Full Time Student Health Insurance (presently attending college part time), Graduate Health Insurance (who are looking for a job and need temporary health insurance), International Health Insurance (for those traveling or studying abroad)

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Last Updated on : 4th June 2013

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