Denmark Insurance

Though the insurance industry in Denmark is small compared to other developed markets, It is gaining momentum and shows signs of gowth. Denmark has the most developed insurance market in Scandinavia region. Due to environmental conditions the insurance industry was unable to keep pace of growth. The insurance market shows signs of sophistication and coompetitiveness.

There are many insurance companies in Denmark and Insurance agencies are not allowed to mediate insurance unless the insurance agency or the management company has been registered in the Danish Insurance Association’s Insurance Agency Register.

Life Insurance, Aviation Insurance , Property Insurance are dominant market segment in Denmark.
In Denmark you can find many registered insurance companies which provide effortless and rapid insurance services and can give you guidance in this field. In this case, you should keep certain things in mind that you may need to hire professional advocates to fight your cases because sometimes the insurance companies refuse to pay back the full charges by showing some petty excuses. But client service and support situation has improved many times.

Depending on some factors, people take insurance policies. These factors are:

Definite loss
Accidental loss
Huge loss
Calculable loss
Affordable premium
Large number of homogenous exposure units and limited risk of catastrophic losses.

In Denmark you can also take Personal Insurance for special occasions like

  • Marriage
  • Business
  • Corporate
  • Travel
  • House
  • Child education
  • Accident or any other important occasion

Travel insurance in Denmark is necessary for your protection and the protection of your family. The most renowned travel insurance agents in Denmark are Atlas Direct, World Nomads, Swiss Life and Aarhus Travel Insurance. The foreign embassies also sometimes issue travel insurance to the tourists along with the visas. The travel insurances are mandatory sometimes for the foreign tourists in Denmark.

Both private companies and government companies participate in Denmark’s insurance business. Most of the privately owned companies deal with stock insurance business, while government owned companies deal with automobile, fire and life insurances. The Insurance Supervisory Authority works as the regulatory body in Denmark Insurance.

Denmark Insurance Companies

Leading insurance companies in Denmark including both life and non-life insurance on the basis of gross written premiums are as follows:
Top Life-Insurance Companies in Denmark :
Danica Pension Insurance
PFA Pension Insurance
Industriens Pension Insurance
SEB Pension Insurance
Pen-Sam Liv Insurance
B&A Pension Insurance
Danica Pension Insurance
Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring

Top Denmark Non-Life Insurance Companies

Major non-life insurance companies in Denmark are as follows:
Tryg Skade Insurance
Topdanmark Insurance
Codan Forsikring Insurance
DanmarkSygeforsik Insurance
Alka Insurance
GE Frankona Insurance
International Health Insurance
Danske Fors. Skade I Insurance

Top 10 insurance company in Denmark

B & A Insuracne Agency Ltd.
Codan Forsikring Insurance
Danica Pension Insurance
Denmark Travel Insurance
Industriens Pension Insurance
International Health Insurance
PFA Pension Insurance
SEB Life Insurance
Tryg Skade Insurance
Topdanmark Insurance


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