French Insurance

The French insurance market is very much mature ,sophisticated and competitive. In terms of premium collection it is in 4th position in world insurance market. France not only have good economic position but also people are more inclined to take insurance to secure their assets.

There are various types of insurance policies that are available in France , they are  health insurance, life insurance, car insurance and home insurance. The insurance policies are in accordance with its leal system which forces individuals to take insurance polcies for their protection.

The Insurance Commissioner Commission de controle des Assurances act as the regulatory body in the France Insurance.

Health insurance is a must for the citizens of France. There is the State health care system that meets the needs of individuals but there are also private health care system that meets the insurance needs.One need to join in the French Social Security System for using the national insurance polcies. It gives a health insurance card through which you can use healthcare facility.

Car insurance is mandatory in France and without it you may be fined or sent to prison. There are various options available for car insurance provided by various insurance companies.

Home insurance is also mandatory in France whether you own a home or rented one. These insurances are comprehensive in nature and will cover any damage to your home and its contents.

For insurance you can go to all 3 forms of insurer I.e Insurance company, agent and broker. There is a growing need to make the insurances available in online stores for comparison and purchase.
In the years to come the french insurance companies need to focus on the premium prices that the users are paying for the insurance and need to focus on distribution channels and physical networks to reduce costs. In the face of intensifying competition and more demand from customers for better insurance policy at lesser costs the insurance industry is bound to get restructured soon.
So the future lies with those companies which focuses on customer satisfaction and product innovation to meet the needs of the market.

Major French insurance companies are :

MAAF Assurances
MACIF Assurances

Life Insurance Companies in France are :

CNP Insurance
AXA Insurance
BNP Insurance
AGF Insurance
ACM Insurance
AVIVA France Insurance

Non-Life Insurance Companies In France are :

AXA Insurance
AGF Allianz Insurance
Generali Insurance
MACIF Insurance
AZUR GMF Insurance
MAIF Insurance
MAAF Insurance
ACIVI Insurance

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