General Liability Insurance

Affordable insurance policies can provide compensation for potential future losses, there remain a Now a days any mishap, may be of any nature may cause large lawsuits. This is the prime reason which makes general liability insurance very essential for any company.
The assets of a business, when sued for something, remains protected by the liability insurance. General liability insurance is there to manage your business’ mistake, to provide coverage for claims related to business negligence or claims related to the failure in taking reasonable care.

General liability insurance can be purchased as a part of a business-owner’s policy or can be brought separately. Now, one should always keep in mind that general liability insurance as a part of business-owner’s policy , covers very limited ground. So, business which needs extra coverage , should be insured separately.

Before deciding that how much coverage is needed, there are some factors which should be considered like risk factors,in which state the business established etc. In this case any insurance broker may be consulted.

General Liability Insurance covers:
Property Damage: Provides coverage for any kind of property damage.
Bodily Injury: It provides coverage for bodily injury, both physical and mental (emotional) and also covers death.
Personal and Advertising Injury: Provides protection against offenses like libel, false arrest, slander, infringing on another’s copyright, copying advertising idea, entry etc.
Medical payments: This includes payments to general public injured by an accident occurred in the premises already insured. These accidental injuries must be reported within one year. This kind of payment generally includes all medical expenses and if death occurs, then funeral expenses too.
Time of occurrence is an important factor in each and every kind of coverage

Contractual Liability:

This liability provides coverage for the following obligations:
Contract for a premise-lease.
Sidetrack agreement (railroad deliveries).
License agreement (easement)
An agreement to indemnify a municipality(as required by ordinance).
Elevator maintenance agreements.

Now, to prevent claims one needs to follow some simple methods:
Keep business premises and business operations safe because unsafe areas which needs repair may lead to accidents.
Take good care before making any comment.
Take proper care of the Copyright Law.
Contracts should be reviewed by legal professionals.


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