Connecticut General Insurance

In the state of Connecticut, a lot of Insurance Companies are offering General Insurance Policies. These are collectively known as Connecticut General Insurance or Connecticut General Insurance Plans. Connecticut General Insurance can be categorized into two main parts: Property Insurance and Casualty Insurance.
In the U.S., General Insurance is usually known as Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance. General Insurance offers assured payment of money if there is loss occurring as a result of a specific and adverse financial condition. In the state of Connecticut, General Insurance is commonly known as non-life insurance policies.

It usually includes Automobile Insurance Policies and Homeowner’s Insurance Policies. In a wider context, General Insurance represents any form of insurance, which is not life insurance.
In Connecticut, Connecticut General Insurance Plans or Connecticut General Insurance can be categorized into the following types:

Property Insurance
Fire Insurance
Flood Insurance
Earthquake Insurance
Boiler Insurance
Home Insurance

Casualty Insurance
Terrorism Insurance
Political Risk Insurance
Surety and Fidelity Bonds
Earthquake Insurance
Liability Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance
Crime Insurance
Marine Insurance

For insuring a property in Connecticut, there are two methods: Named Perils (Covered Perils) and Open Perils (Uncovered Perils). Named Perils offer coverages for those events or reasons of loss which have been particularly specified in the policy. In case of Open Perils, the coverages are available for the events or reasons of loss which are not particularly included in the policy.

In case of Connecticut General Insurance, a homeowner policy does not offer coverages for flood damages. So a Flood Insurance Policy needs to be purchased separately. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offers assistance to residents of Connecticut for finding Flood Insurance Policies.

The leading General Insurance Companies in Connecticut include the following:
AIG (American International Group)
Allstate Insurance Company
Farmers Insurance Group
Connecticut Fair Plan
Connecticut Life & Casualty
Connecticut Medical Insurance Company (CMIC)

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