Pennsylvania General Insurance

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are a large number of insurance companies who offer General Insurance in Pennsylvania or Pennsylvania General Insurance. Pennsylvania General Insurance is available in two forms: Property Insurance and Casualty Insurance.
General Insurance usually refers to non-life insurance policies. General Insurance includes homeowner’s insurance policies, as well as automobile insurance policies. It offers assurance of payments if there is a loss resulting from a specific financial circumstance. In broader sense, General Insurance is any type of insurance which is not a life insurance.

In the United States, General Insurance is commonly known as Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance. Property Insurance offers safeguards against a maximum number of risks related to properties, for example theft, fire, or damages resulting from atmospheric conditions.

In Pennsylvania, Property Insurance is available in the following forms:
Flood Insurance
Fire Insurance
Earthquake Insurance
Boiler Insurance
Home Insurance

Principally, there are two ways of insuring a property. They are named perils and open perils. Open perils offer coverages for the reasons or events which are not particularly mentioned in the policy. The general exclusions of open peril policies are damages occurring as a result of floods, earthquakes, nuclear explosions, war or terrorism. In case of named perils, the particular reason of loss or event has to be mentioned in the insurance policy for making insurance claims. Usually, examples of named perils are damages occurring as a result of theft, fire, lightning, or explosion.

In Pennsylvania, the Casualty Insurance Policies offer coverages for losses resulting from unanticipated incidents. This can be available in the form of Auto Liability Insurance for motor vehicle accidents or Marine Insurance in case of ship disasters or accidents occurring in the sea. The term Casualty Insurance is commonly used to denote a type of insurance which is not related to Fire Insurance, Life Insurance, or Automobile Insurance. In maximum instances, it denotes Liability Insurance, Surety Insurance, as well as Crime Insurance.

In Pennsylvania General Insurance, the coverages available under Casualty Insurance are:
Political Risk Insurance
Terrorism Insurance
Earthquake Insurance
Fidelity and Surety Bonds
Liability Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance

The customers who are not able to receive automobile insurance coverage may avail that by obtaining coverage with the help of Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan. Insurance agents or brokers who are licensed for this particular plan are offering this coverage. Primary Fire Insurance Policies may be bought from Pennsylvania Fair Plan. A homeowner policy does not cover flood damages. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offers assistance to Pennsylvania residents for obtaining Flood Insurance.

The leading General Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania include the following:
AIG (American International Group)
Allstate Insurance Company
Farmers Insurance Group
Pennsylvania Medical Society Liability Insurance Company (PMSLIC)
Philadelphia Insurance Companies

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