Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance is one in which the individual is provided with a long-term benefits for their health and medical hazard costs. The individual makes an investment known as a premium for the variable costs incurred by him due to accidents, illness or sudden hospital checkups. It is a comprehensive medical coverage for the individual customer and / or his family.They are different from employer group or organizations health Insurance schemes. There is variety of medical insurance options available to the customers with customized services attached and at affordable rates.

There are mainly two kinds of Individual Health Insurance:
Indemnity Plans Offer a broader selection of healthcare providers and pay their share of the costs for covered services only after the receipt of the bill.
Managed-care Plans – Include HMO, PPO, and POS plans. The providers utilize the healthcare provider networks that perform the services for managed-care plan patients at pre-negotiated rates and submit the claim to the insurance company on behalf of the customer.

The Individual Health Insurance Options:
1. Fee-for-Service Insurance
2. Managed Care Plans
3. Open Enrollment in Managed Care Plans
4. Association-Based Health Insurance
5. High-Risk Pools

Individual Health Insurance is a contract issued by an insurance company to an individual or group, in return of pay for health care reasonably required by the “insured” or “policy holder” to treat illness or injury. It is the type of health coverage that is available to individuals and families, rather than to employer groups or organizations. A particular plan can cover a list of illness and diagnoses types, like for example cancer, bypass surgery, heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, stroke, paralysis, heart-valve replacement surgery, multiple sclerosis, etc. Individual and Family health insurance plans provide long-term protection and comprehensive medical coverage.

There are variety of options with affordable rates. Individual and family health insurance plans are either “indemnity” or “managed-care” plan types. The differences deal with: healthcare providers, out-of-pocket costs and how bills are paid.
Unlike Managed-Care plans, Indemnity plans offer a broader selection of healthcare providers and pay the costs for covered services only after they receive a bill. There are several different types of managed-care health insurance plans, including HMO, PPO, and POS plans

There is no best plan designed for a particular family or individual. One needs to choose the plans judicially considering the following:

1. Whether the need is for long-term coverage or for the short-term?
2. Looking for a basic coverage or more comprehensive coverage?
3. Prefer to pay for services before they are used or at the time of usage?
4. How easy is the access of specialists (doctors) for the user?
5. Any specific doctor or hospital preferred by the individual or family?
6. The maximum sum of money that the user can afford to pay in case of a serious illness or injury.

Health Insurance Plan
In Blue Cross health insurance plan, the insurer pays to the insured, if the insured becomes ill or experiences any kind of accidents, due to covered causes.

Blue Cross
Blue Cross is a reputed insurance company, established in 1982, is based in Chicago. It offers various health benefits, through different individual health insurance policies to the inhabitant of California, to live a better life.

Medical Plans
Individual and Family PPO Medical Plans
Individual and Family HMO Medical Plans
Individual Short Term Coverage
Individual Short term PPO Medical Plans
Post-MRMIP Graduate Product

Dental Plans
Dental Coverage
Individual Dental Plans

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