Life Insurance Companies

The companies that sell life insurance policies to the consumers are called life insurance companies. Life insurances may be of different types,long-term,short-term,permanent or temporary. There are different life insurance providers and selection of the suitable one is crucial.
In generic,life insurance companies offer insurances that lasts for a considerable length of time. The coverage provided by the life insurance companies may even last for few decades. Life insurance companies provide financial benefit to decedent’s family and often offer option to get back the paid proceeds to the beneficiary.

Life insurances are contracts between insurer and the policyholder. According to,a life insurance company may be defined as �A life insurance company owned by shareholders who share in its earnings, as opposed to a mutual company, which is owned by policyholders.

The main insurance products sold by life insurance companies are as follows:
Life insurance
Pension products


There are different life insurance companies who offer different pension products that provides immense benefits during the post-retirement phase. Again there may remain certain tax benefits associated to different life insurances. Life insurance companies have aimed in providing innovative insurance products .While choosing a life insurance company,the financial stature of the company must be scrutinized,investment in insolvent life companies involves high risks. The different life insurance companies are ranked after thorough benchmarking by independent agencies. The different insurances and financial instruments provided by the insurance companies are also ranked.


In different nations ,special tax benefits against life insurances are provided,in United Kingdom,Life Assurance Premium Relief is highly popular. Life insurance companies help to protect people from financial crisis after the decedent’s of an earning family member. Insurance is a financial instrument that helps in investing and saving a specific amount.

The leading life insurance companies of United States are as mentioned below:
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Prudential Insurance Company of America
New York Life Insurance Company