New York Life Insurance

New York Life Insurance is the largest mutual life insurance company of United States. Over 160 years, New York Life Insurance has provided comprehensive life insurance coverage. With consistent service, New York Life Insurance has successfully pooled wide range of life insurance buyers.
New York Life Insurance with its headquarters in New York ,successfully operating across the globe. Different products and services offered by New York Life Insurance are also sold by New York Life Investment Management(NYLIM). New York Life Insurance’s performances have been extraordinary in terms of financial strength.

The principal agencies that rates the insurance companies, have provided the following ratings as per the insurance industry rating standards:

Company’s name Rating
A.M.Best (A++)
Standard & Poor’s (AA+)
Moody’s (Aaa)
Fitch (AAA)


Dalbar rated New York Life Insurance as the best online service provider,in terms of Life insurance and annuity related online services,performance of New York Life Insurance has been outstanding.

The different premium categories offered by New York Life Insurance are as follows:
A short-term need for substantial protection:This is appropriate when an individual needs substantial coverage for a specific period of time. In generic,the period is of less than five years and these are ideal for student and mortgage loans. These coverages are also suitable for outstanding loans,financial hardships,shielding partners etc.
Limited budget insurance needs:These life insurance policies are ideal for individuals between 20’s and 30’s.
Supplemental insurance: Increasing Premium Term may be added as it can increase the death benefits of an prevailing life insurance policy.

The major areas which New York Life Insurance policies cover are as follows:
Life insurance
Dental insurance
Disability income insurance
Long-term care insurance
Home insurance
Pet insurance
Auto and boat insurance
Retirement planning
Banking and financial services
New York Life Insurance also offer the following protections to the consumers:
Mortgage protection: Helps in paying off mortgage debts.
Estate preservation: Whole life insurance provides fund to cover estate related expenses.
Retirement funding: The cash values can be accessed with policies to supplement a retirement income.
Charitable giving: The life insurance policyholder can nominee a charitable institution to get the benefits of the life insurance policies after death of the beneficiary.

New York Life Insurance also cater asset management and retirement benefit services related solutions. The company successfully helped the investors to meet the long term and the short term goals.