Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance policies are of great value ,these insurances are designed to provide permanent insurance coverage to the consumers .In whole life insurance,the level of the premium structure can considerably vary and it may be even single, fixed or periodic. The periodic payments are reviewed on the basis of investment performance.
Whole life policies provide death benefit to the policyholder’s family members. Cost of whole life insurance does not increase each year,the amount remain almost similar for first and last year ,generally the cost of insurance is not disclosed. The returns on the basis of savings investment depends upon investment and the interest amounts.

The four main parts of whole life insurance are :
Mortality cost:The amount of the deposit which cover the complete cost of the insurance related death benefits.
Administration charge:There remain charges for administering policies and premium taxes.
Investment or savings:The amount that is left after mortality cost and administration charges are calculated..
Return on savings:The interest rate that is credited to the consumer’s account each year.


Some of the policies ensure that charges are static and return on investment will be minimum.

policyholder concur that the likelihood of insured person’s death is improbable during the coverage

These whole life insurances do not disclose the cost of insurance and the administrative costs. The whole life insurance providers do not disclose exactly where the amounts remain invested. Some of the special features of whole life insurance are mentioned below:


  Usually premiums are level and payable for life:

As premiums are level,when younger individual purchases the policy,the annual premiums become less expensive. Also few shorter premium payment methods along with one time premium payment methods are offered.



Rich dividends are often offered when the actual life insurance costs become less,a portion of the premiums are returned as dividends. Still dividends are not guaranteed.


Guaranteed cash value:

A portion of the money paid come back as guaranteed cash values. The amount of the guaranteed cash value depends upon the type of the whole life policy.


At present,demand of whole life insurances are pretty high across United States and European nations. The initial premiums remain high but in the later years,it becomes easier for the whole life insurance policy holder as the premiums amount becomes lesser.